Foteini Spingou

Dr Foteini Spingou

Foteini Spingou works on the intersections between literature and visual culture in Byzantium. Her work puts emphasis on the social and political context of cultural developments from the ninth to the middle of the fourteenth centuries. She is particularly interested in bridging the theoretical fields of memory, ritual, and performance studies, while understanding past behaviours and the aesthetics codes in medieval East Mediterranean region. As part of the PAIXUE team, Dr Spingou is completing a monograph on Classical Ēthos and Byzantine Kállos: The Changing Aesthetics of the Byzantine Self which examines transformations and continuates in the aesthetic discoures of  middle and later Byzantine literature. Dr Virág and Dr Spingou  are co-authoring  a comparative study on viewing and feeling the garden in the imperial systems of Tang/Song China and the Komnenian/Palaeologan Byzantium.