*Postponed* Aristocratic Book Patronage in the Twelfth Century

Research meeting with Elizabeth M. Jeffreys

Old College, Teaching Room 05, South Bridge, Edinburgh EH8 9YL
BnF gr 1208 f. 14
MS Paris, BnF, gr 1208 (12th c.) (c) BnF


*The meeting has been postponed until the next academic year*


This paper will consider a group of luxury manuscripts from the middle years of the twelfth century which arguably owe their existence to aristocratic patronage. Questions will be asked about the putative patrons’ identities and purposes, and the role of these books in Komnenian intellectual life.



Elizabeth M. Jeffreys is Emeritus Bywater and Sotheby Professor of Byzantine and Modern Greek Language and Literature in the University of Oxford, and Fellow Emerita of Exeter College, Oxford. She has published widely on many aspects of Byzantine literature; her books include editions of the epic Digenis Akritis, the romance The War of Troy, and the letters of the monk Iakovos.

Prof. Jeffreys will be also giving a public lecture later on the same day. More information is available here.