Research meetings

Precedence and Persuasion: Some Preliminary Thoughts on ‘Classicizing’ in the Tang Dynasty

Research Meeting with Alexei Ditter

50 George Square, 2.54
The practice of ‘circulating scrolls’ developed during the mid-Tang as a means for civil service examination candidates to acquire the patronage they required in order to pass. The ‘cover letters’ that accompanied these circulated portfolios of written work offer a unique glimpse into candidates’ attempts to translate the cultural capital accumulated through years of classical learning into social and political relationships.

Comparative Early Empire Projects – The Byzantine Perspective

Research Meeting with John F. Haldon

24 Buccleuch Place, 3.06
Over this lunch-time research meeting, John F. Haldon, Shelby Cullom Davis ’30 Professor of European History and Professor of Byzantine History and Hellenic Studies, emeritus, shares insights, experiences, and ideas from the various projects on comparative empire studies he was involved with in recent years.

History (and the Frontier) as Literature in Eleventh-Century Byzantine Historical Accounts

Research meeting with Francisco Lopez-Santos Kornberger

David Hume Tower, 7.18
Approaching ‘history as literature’ has allowed byzantinists to pinpoint and examine the narrative conventions (largely derived from a common rhetorical education) that shaped Byzantine narratives of the past. ... This paper discusses different approaches to the frontier space conveyed in the eleventh-century Byzantine historical accounts of Michael Psellos, Michael Attaleiates, and John Skylitzes.

Research Meeting on Song China

Research Meeting with Patricia Ebrey and Anna Shields

Meadows Lecture Theatre, William Robertson Wing, Old Medical School (Doorway 4), Edinburgh EH8 9AG, UK
Patricia Ebrey: The Resilience of Chinese Empires: How the Song Survived the Jurchen Invasion Anna Shields: Rewriting the Tang Dynasty Poetic Past:  Epistemic Hybridity in the Records of Events Concerning Tang Poetry 唐詩紀事

Dividing the Realm in Order to Govern: The Dili Yan’ge Tradition and its Uses in Tang and Song China

Research meeting with Prof. Ruth Mostern (University of Pittsburgh)

David Hume Tower - LG.08, George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9JX

*Postponed* Aristocratic Book Patronage in the Twelfth Century

Research meeting with Elizabeth M. Jeffreys

Old College, Teaching Room 05, South Bridge, Edinburgh EH8 9YL
BnF gr 1208 f. 14
MS Paris, BnF, gr 1208 (12th c.) (c) BnF


*The meeting has been postponed until the next academic year*


The Hellenistic Enkyklios Paideia (‘Circular Education’) in the Syriac World: The Role of Rhetoric in Shaping the ‘Classic’

Dr Mara Nicosia


* Event open to all, but registration is essential – to register follow this link*